Why Social Media

Social media relations is a sharp-edged promotional technique that, when executed with precision, can be a priceless asset to your company. A powerful investor relations platform requires consistency, good communication, and social media strategies provide the highest level of these investor relations services.

The technology revolution of the 21st Century has completely repaved the road to successful media relations. The advent of social media to the business world not only equips marketing professionals with powerful communication tools, but also heightens widespread demand for fast, accurate and comprehensive media relations services.

Social media in this respect also calls for public relations professionals to reestablish their creative and tactical strategies and execute quick-thinking plans to maintain a competitive edge.

More and more companies have already discovered the incredible enhancements social media provides to their investor relations. Maintaining an efficient social media campaign takes consistent strategy and outreach - as an aggressive social media relations firm, SocialMediaRelations.us puts in every effort to drive each client to success in this field.

Utilizing social media for investor relations is so powerful among publicly traded companies that the U.S. Securities and Exchange recently recognized and issued guidance for the use of social media as a means of news distribution so long as investors are alerted to where the news would be released (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.).


The Future of Communication is Already Here

The facts speak volumes:


What Exactly Is Social Media Relations?

A solid and effective social media relations strategy is one of the most powerful tools in a public relations or investor relations toolbox.

Social media can be used for a wide array of functions, including disseminating company news, encouraging investor feedback and interaction, and providing far-reaching and instantaneous updates.

Social media relations serves as a means of low-cost marketing and networking that is without geographical or monetary bounds. Utilizing social media as a means of communication promotes transparency and accountability, and encourages consumer/investor feedback and interaction.

There are numerous types of social media. While the more popular are platforms like Twitter and Facebook, niche networks like StockTwits, SmallCap Network, Stockhouse and even blogs are powerful and effective social media tools for investor relations purposes.


Who Benefits?

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, leading businesses around the world already leverage social media as a powerful tool to strengthen and accelerate their public and investor relations efforts.


It’s more than a trend, social media relations is a demand. Consumers and investors are no longer satisfied with stagnant information plastered on a Web site or even the occasional press release - they want their information in a comprehensive, convenient and timely manner. This is exactly what social media does.

For investor relations purposes, a strong social media relations platform is unrivaled. Your investors are an integral component to your company – consistently communicating with them increases both company and shareholder value and increases opportunities to reach potential investors.

Communicating via social media gives the investment community a front-row seat to any message your company wants to relay. This generates invaluable transparency and provides investors with a wealth of material to make an investment decision. If they benefit, you benefit.

Social Media for Investor Relations: Impression that Triggers Action

Creating and managing a solid social media relations campaign takes an extreme amount of precision, creativity and time. By retaining a proven, successful social media relations firm, a company is positioning itself as a strong competitor in its respective industry.

A social-media based investor relations campaign isn’t a new concept, it’s an ongoing revolution:


Investors tremendously benefit from powerful social media relations platforms. Social media relations provides investors with a new level of due diligence as well as the opportunity to converse with other shareholders. It also places the burden of providing information on the company itself. Gone are the days when due diligence meant hunting skimming financial Web sites or waiting on the company to update its Web site with fresh information.

Social media relations can be fully utilized to disseminate company news, promote investor interaction and provide instantaneous updates. Utilizing social media as a means of communication also promotes transparency and accountability while creating networking opportunities among the investment community.


When Do You Use Social Media?

NOW. In fact, if you haven’t already established at least a Facebook and/or Twitter account for your company, you are behind the times and losing out on tremendous opportunity. The good news is that it’s not too late.

SocialMediaRelations.us and our valuable partners (link to partner page) can assist any publicly traded company in creating a new social media platform or enhancing an existing account that has not yet seen the fruits of 21st Century communication. Leveraging a network of investor-oriented brands, we can expose your company to an audience of 1.8+ million to jumpstart any campaign.

It’s not enough to be Merely Visible – Your Company Has to Stand Out

Nowadays you’d be hard pressed to find a public relations firm that hasn’t established a social media relations platform. So why choose us over all your other choices? We are pioneers and we are professionals – we’ve evolved with social media from its earliest stages and have thoroughly studied patterns and consumer response to determine what is effective and what is a waste of time.

We don’t want to waste our time and we don’t want to waste your money. Our team leverages an array of partnerships to provide the highest quality social media relations efforts in the industry.

Visit our client section (link) and follow the companies shown to see how we’re fully utilizing our expertise to their benefit. These clients are wholly committed to engaging current and potential investors while growing shareholder value; and we’re wholly committed to helping them do it.


How Can I Use Social Media To Enhance My Business?

This is where we step in. SocialMediaRelations.us is a one-stop shop for all types of social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and a host of niche networks like StockTwits, SmallCap Network and Stockhouse.

Whether you need help enhancing your current investor relations program, or you need us to launch an all-encompassing campaign for you with the help of our trusted partners, we will take the reins and drive measurable results.

"We don't have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it."

― Erik Qualman

We provide attentive dedication to our clients to help them establish a powerful communication network based on strategic social media relations. Your first step is to determine whether you want your company to stay where it is or whether you want it to move forward. Your next step is to contact us and let us maximize your reach.

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