In the time it takes you to read the next few paragraphs, social media users around the world will collectively send more than 180,000 Tweets, 300,000 Facebook status updates, upload more than 72 hours of YouTube videos, and will publish countless blogs. This represents only a FRACTION of the popular social media platforms out there, but gives you an idea of social media’s widespread use.

Whether it’s operational updates, financial reports, product launches or new partnerships, your business has a lot to say. But if your voice falls flat or your message isn’t clear, you’ve wasted your time and lost valuable opportunity.

In today’s business world, powerful investor and public relations campaigns are supported by strategic social media relations initiatives. A powerful social media relations plan:

Social media has drastically revolutionized the way organizations, communities and individuals communicate. Ignoring the subsequent evolution of investor and public relations puts companies at risk of becoming irrelevant and overlooked.

Our team not only knows exactly how to use social media to breathe life into a limp investor relations platform, we also know that very little stays the same.

We’re constantly tracking the progression and adapting our strategies to our clients' advantage.


There is one reason a vast majority of the nation’s top businesses pair social media with investor relations: IT WORKS.

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